Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Jordan after cardiovascular diseases. The top three most common cancers among males in Jordan are: colon cancer, lung cancer and Urinary Bladder cancer. The top three most common cancers among females in Jordan are: breast cancer, colon cancer and thyroid cancer. The top three cancers that affect children in Jordan are leukemia, lymphoma and brain tumors.

Triumpharma experience in Oncology Clinical trials

We have the experience and expertise executing Oncology clinical trials, biomarkers and companion diagnostics expertise, with a broad range of indications, including but not limited to: Prostate cancer, Sickle Cell Disease and others. We have a good relationship with investigators with specialties in broad range of oncological indications, both solid and soft tumors.

Our Familiarity with the multi-departmental structure to ease the administrative complexities,  Phase I units in the hospitals, and the deep appreciation of regulatory requirements for oncology development, understanding the nuances, for example of genetic testing and genetic counseling allow us to address these more complex studies.