Gastro-intestinal and Liver disorders

Common gastrointestinal diseases often exhibit geographic, cultural, and gender variations. Diseases previously less common in certain areas of the world have shown a recent increase in prevalence. Industrialization has traditionally been noted as a major cause for this epidemiologic evolution. However, environmental factors such as diet, hygiene, and exposure to infections may play a major role. Moreover, the way one disease presents in a certain location may vary significantly from the way it manifests in another culture or location

Triumpharma Clinical’s expertise and capacity to engage with significant investigator networks, place us as one of the leading Gastro-intestinal contract research organizations operating in this therapeutic area.

Triumpharma experience in Gastro-intestinal and liver disorders Clinical trials

We have over 10 years of experience in conducting Gastroenterology clinical trials, with particular emphasis on key indications: Diet, Nutrition and Hepatitis.

Triumpharma has conducted several Gastroenterology and liver related clinical trials on both healthy subjects and patients including a double-blind controlled trial on the treatment of Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and studies on drugs indicated for anemia associated with chronic renal failure.

For some of the performed studies, Triumpharma, Jordan was the highest recruiting site.