Clinical Trials

Conduction of Clinical Trials Phase 1-IV (for small and large molecules) with access to large database of patients with various disease areas.

Conduction  of BA/BE  studies with  large data base  of over 3,000  of healthy volunteers.

Triumpharma conducted many clinical trials and  BA/BE  studies  covering biotech  /  biosimilars  / super-  generics  / small  molecules  ranging  from  conventional dosage forms to Long-Acting Injectables, infusion, thin film , transdermal patches, ODT, inhalers, injectables, etc.  Triumpharma has  its own phase I unit with over 80 beds and a dedicated wing in a hospital with over 17 beds for studies that requires hospitalized settings.

Triumpharma  has  demonstrated fast recruitment  time and rate and very quick turn around time for randomization and dosing.