Triumpharma houses its clinical centers on the Second & Third floors of the present building to conduct clinical evaluations.

1 well-equipped, controlled access, on-site pharmacy

The clinical site possesses ample space to comfortably accommodate subjects during routine and extended visits and offer secure record storage on site PK Sample storage area (with 20°C and -80°C deep freezers).

Well-equipped Emergency rooms in each floor

Large database of more than 3000 healthy volunteers, and patients for numerous therapeutic categories.

Up to 80 beds connected to nurse calling system plus 2 Special care beds at emergency rooms.

Dosing, dormitories rooms and sample processing areas equipped to handle light sensitive drugs.

Catering for regular & special diets through our contract with specialized restaurants.  

Triumpharma has its medical ward accredited by the JFDA at private hospital located in Amman -Jordan for conduction of clinical trials with capacity of 14 beds plus 34 Special care beds for intensive monitoring at ICU/CCU. The partnership with the hospital management also enables faster site activation through efficient Clinical Trial Agreement negotiations with the investigators. 

In addition, we have developed a multi-site hospital partnership model to meet client needs and provide the best outcome for sponsors and patients alike with a capacity of more than 100 beds in several Hospital settings.