BE / BA Studies

Healthy Volunteers’ Studies

Clinical Trial Experience In Healthy Volunteer Studies - Phase 1 And BE/BA

Triumpharma has successfully conducted more than 300 Phase I & BE/BA studies covering biotech/biosimilars/super-generics/small molecules, for major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

These studies have been performed on both healthy subjects and patients, on various types of drugs and formulations including: modified release tablets/capsules, conventional tablets/capsules, complex and Long-Acting injectables (LAIs), infusion, Inhalers, ODS, CRF, thin films, In vitro skin permeation studies (IVPT), creams/lotions/Ointments, Orodispersible tablets (ODT), transdermal patches, and many others dosage forms, and for world global market submission including: Jordan, USA, Europe, Canada, Asia and MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) markets.

Triumpharma has demonstrated fast recruitment time and rate and very quick turnaround time for randomization and dosing.

Within BE/BA studies, Triumpharma has an expertise in conducting the following types of studies:

  • Fasting and Fed condition
  • Single and Multiple dose
  • Dose-Proportionality
  • Drug-Drug interaction (DDI)
  • Narcotic drugs (pain management)
  • Light Sensitive drugs
  • Short to Long confinement
  • Oral Inhalation – Pulmonary deposition & Therapeutic Equivalence
  • Pharmacokinetic interaction
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Patient Based Studies

  • Have access to large database of patients. In addition to our highly qualified medical professionals and investigators who has combined AI knowledge and long clinical trials experience across various therapeutic segments.
  • Completed Bioequivalence studies on Schizophrenic and Prostate cancer patients./
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